This is the time of the year, when you tend to think of the things to improve in your life. One of the those that kept me busy this year was investing. During the COVID-19 pandemic stock market lured me in one more time.

I became interested in markets right after I turned 18. It was a time of a big boom no the polish stock exchange, and I wanted a piece of it. I didn’t know much about life not to mention how market worked so it was based rather on emotions than on knowledge. Fortunately I didn’ t loose anything, and I didn’t gain much either. This year it started in a similar way - a lot of gut feeling decisions, like buying oil at the rock bottom, buying more BTC etc. Most proved to be profitable, but still it is a gut feeling investing, based on more knowledge than before, but nevertheless emotionally driven.

This year I’ve decided to take more structured approach to investing, that takes less time on a daily basis, is more diversified and in general safer.

This will include:

  • find out more about different sectors (clean energy, AI/Robotics, healthcare and eldery care, biotech …),
  • ethical investing,
  • learn ways automate trading (from basics like stop loss orders, to trading algorithms that can signal certain market conditions, or even perform trades on my behalf),
  • research Forex, CFDs - is it something I could use to invest and in which circumstances,
  • figure out best ways to diversity portfolio (funds, ETFs),
  • how to hedge small, private portfolio,
  • cutting edge of investing - (like DeFi for example).
  • build framework for my own, long term investing

and think of 2021 specific topics:

  • think about the economic cycle and where we are at now,
  • prepare calendar with major economic events.

This is surely not a complete list, but my aim is to research one smallish topic a week + one bigger one a month and write it down for my own benefit.